Thank you for choosing TouchBio for your health and wellness needs. To ensure you get the most accurate results from our products, it's crucial to follow the specific Instructions for Use (IFU) provided with each kit.

Below, you'll find links to download the IFUs for our range of tests. Each set of instructions is designed to guide you through the testing process smoothly and help you understand your results.

TouchBio UTI Test - Urinary Tract Infections Rapid Test (Urine):

This test is designed for the rapid detection of urinary tract infections (UTIs). Understanding the early signs of UTIs can lead to quicker treatment and relief.

Download IFU for UTI Test

TouchBio UTI Test- Urinary Track Infections Rapid Test

TouchBio Iron (Ferritin) Level - Ferritin Rapid Test (aid in the detection of Iron Deficiency )

This test aids in detecting iron deficiency by measuring ferritin levels. Iron deficiency can lead to various health issues, making it important to identify and address early.

Download IFU for Iron (Ferritin) Level Test- Ferritin Rapid Test

TouchBio Iron Ferritin Level- Rapid Test


  • The Instructions for Use (IFUs) are an essential part of conducting your test accurately. They provide detailed steps for conducting the test, as well as information on how to interpret the results.
  • If you have any concerns about your test results or health condition, please consult with your healthcare professional to get advice and support based on your specific situation.