ARTG Listed Product | 30-Surface Guard- Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant Spray

  • ARTG listed
  • Effective against bacteria and viruses (for more please check ARTG Certification )
  • Up to 30 days of protection with a single application
  • 50+ Australian and international tests conducted to support efficacy

Whilst the world was battling with the adverse effects of the pandemic , at Touch Australia we were hard at work collaborating with industry-leading chemists and scientists to develop one of the safest and most effective antimicrobial solutions in the fight against bacteria, viruses and germs.

Fast-forward 12 months and we’ve created 30-Surface Guard. A unique surface sanitiser providing long-lasting protection, up to 30 days, with a single application. 

The Therapeutic Goods Administration  is Australia’s regulatory authority for therapeutic goods. Through assessment and monitoring activities, they ensure therapeutic goods available within Australia are of an acceptable quality. Products making any form of therapeutic claim must be entered into the Register for Therapeutic Goods Register before it can be supplied in Australia. 

30-Surface Guard was recently reviewed and listed (ARTG ID 355166), as a hospital-grade disinfectant under their Other Therapeutic Good category. 

30-Surface Guard, and it's MikroGuard+ Technology, has undergone over 50 individual Australian and international laboratory tests to confirm its efficacy including tests conducted by Eurofins, Intertek and Viroxy Labs. These tests have shown that 30-Surface Guard is not only effective against harmful viruses but also against 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including Poliovirus and Herpes virus, with for up to 30 days of residual protection on hard surfaces. 

How does 30-Surface Guard work?

When applied to a surface, 30-Surface Guard attracts pathogens on that surface. Once attracted, these pathogens are then killed or inactivated on contact, leaving them unable to adapt to the formula. As a result, there is no possibility of these pathogens developing immunity (unlike alcohol-based sanitisers). Simultaneously, the formula bonds to the surface and creates a protective antimicrobial layer. This layer protects against a wide range of harmful germs and bacteria for up to 30 days.

Technology behind 30-Surface Guard 

During 30-Surface Guard’s development and formulation, our team were mindful of the novel nature of harmful viruses, and the surmounting research and evidence highlighting the ineffectiveness of alcohol-based sanitisers in protecting against pathogens in the long-term. Research conducted by Ogilvie et al (2021) underline that Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs), the active ingredient in 30-Surface Guard, were effective disinfectants for the inactivation of harmful viruses. The research illustrated that QACs go beyond merely inactivating the virus. QACs are also quick-acting, making them practical for use in healthcare and hospitality settings where prompt disinfection is required. 

30-Surface Guard not only sanitises surfaces but also cleans it and acts as a protectant via its antimicrobial layer. Three benefits, in one effective and efficient product. 

Try 30-Surface Guard today, for unwavering protection for you, your family and your colleagues. 

Further information about 30-Surface Guard can be found here..


Ogilvie, B. H., Solis-Leal, A., Lopez, J. B., Poole, B. D., Robison, R. A., & Berges, B. K. (2021). Alcohol-free hand sanitizer and other quaternary ammonium disinfectants quickly and effectively inactivate SARS-CoV-2, Journal of Hospital Infection, 108, 142-145.

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