How Can Hand Care Be Done After Using Sanitiser?

What Are The Things You Need to Pay Attention to While Doing Hand Care?

Hand care is an extremely important part of day to day life, and ensuring that we are protecting ourselves from the germs, bacteria and viruses that we encounter as we make our way through the world is more important than ever before. Hand care routines have been something that we have taken note of all our lives, from the times our parents and teachers instil the importance of this practice to now when we need to teach our own children to do the same. Ensuring that we are using the best techniques and products when completing standard hand care routines is incredibly important. The following are just a few hand care tips and considerations for hand care to think about when purchasing hand care products for your cleaning routine.

  • Regular cleaning: Our hands are the body part that comes into the most contact with harmful pathogens that have the potential to make us sick. Ensuring that the germs and bacteria that we touch on a daily basis are not ingested and make us sick is an important part of any hand care routine. Ensuring that you are regularly cleaning and sanitising your hands is one of the best ways that you can protect both yourself and those around you. Regular hand-cleaning should be done throughout the day, as well as when you come into contact with frequently touched surfaces. 
  • Pay attention to the sanitiser products that you purchase: Hand care when using sanitiser involves being wary and cautious with the products that we purchase. Many hand sanitiser products contain chemicals that not only kill the germs and bacteria on our hands but also impact the health of our skin. Dry and flakey skin can be a result of using hand sanitiser products that contain too many chemicals and no moisturising properties, so we should be cautious and aware of the ingredients in the hand sanitiser products that we purchase. 
  • Clean hands thoroughly: We often do not pay attention to what we are doing when we clean our hands, as this has been something that has been ingrained in us from the time we are toddlers. Paying attention to how we clean our hands can ensure that we are cleaning them thoroughly and using all the best techniques to ensure that our hands are cleaned properly! 

What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing A Sanitiser for Your Hands?

When it comes to healthy hand care, there are a few things that should be paid attention to and one, in particular, is the number of chemicals that are within certain hand sanitiser products. Since hand sanitisers have been developed to kill and remove any harmful germs or bacteria that we may pick up throughout the day, they often contain a number of different ingredients, some of which may actually be harmful to our skin. Ensuring that you are fully aware of the ingredients and chemicals that a sanitiser contains will give you the information you need to make an informed choice about the best brands and types of hand sanitisers you use! 

Using brands and businesses that take the environment into consideration when making hand sanitising products is another factor to consider! Many harmful and destructive chemicals are produced through the making of certain chemicals that go into hand sanitisers. Ensuring that the products you are purchasing are coming from reputable brands and businesses, ones that take this consideration into account can be a great way to ensure you are doing your part when it comes to sustainability! Be sure to check out any one of the TouchBio hand sanitising products to find out how we produce and make our products in an ecologically and sustainable way! 

How Should Hand Care Be Done After Using Sanitiser?

The process of using and applying hand sanitiser is not completed after the initial application has been made, and to ensure that our hands remain both clean and healthy, there are a number of different things that we can do. The following are just a few ways that post-hand care routines can help to improve the health and function of your skin. 

Don't Forget to Moisturise Your Hands

Hand sanitisers that do not contain moisturising properties can often be hard on the skin, and, you may find that your skin becomes quite hard and flakey. One of the best ways to resolve this issue is to make sure that you are moisturising your hands after applying the hand sanitiser, leaving at least 15 minutes for the sanitiser to sink in and be effective. This step can however be avoided if you are using hand sanitiser that contains moisturising properties within it, like the ones offered by TouchBio. With moisturising properties within the sanitiser, we can be sure that our hands will remain soft when using sanitiser. 

Avoid Using Too Much Alcohol based Sanitiser

Often the perception of coating our hands in copious amounts of hand sanitiser would translate into higher protection and one of the ways we think our hands would be properly cleansed. However, we are here to inform you that this is actually not the case, and it is wasteful to pour too much sanitiser on your hands when cleaning them. Alcohol based Sanitisers often contain properties that can be harmful to the skin, and the more you coat your skin with it, the more issues you may have.

Dry and flakey skin is one of the results of pouring and rubbing in too much hand sanitiser, and sometimes, this is an issue that not even moisturiser can solve! To ensure that you are not pouring too much hand sanitiser on your skin, measure out the correct portion by placing a small dollop on the centre of your hand, as this will ensure you can easily rub it in and know how much you have used.

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