What is SDS? What is its Importance in Hygiene Products?

What is Safety Data Sheets? 

Safety data sheets(SDS), or Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are mandatory materials that contain safety information about the chemicals that are included in various products. When it comes to cleaning solutions, it is required that the user has a full list of the safety procedures to follow when using specific chemicals, offering information about contamination, ingredients and emergency numbers that can be called. An SDS is not generally used by consumers and is created with a focus on businesses and communities that will be using the products produced in high quantities. An SDS is created by the manufacturer of the chemical in order to supply buyers with information on what the chemical makeup is, what to do in case of a spill and other vital data that may be needed. An SDS is one of the many different tools that are used to monitor different chemicals, particularly if they are being mixed with other substances. 

So what is SDS used for? When it comes to cleaning solutions, lots of different chemicals are used to develop different products. For these businesses, having an SDS on hand to help identify potential contaminants or mixtures that may not work can help avoid accidents from occurring. When asking yourself what is SDS is, it is important to consider how different safety sources are used to control how cleaning products are made and the chemicals that are allowed to be used within them. These safety sources are vital and manufacturers are required to release them when chemicals are sold and then update them every five years. 

Why is SDS Important For Hygiene Products?

Many hygiene products contain chemicals that if not used correctly, can be dangerous. When it comes to businesses/communities using chemical products in their workplace environments, having information on hand that can provide solutions on what to do if contamination or spillage occurs is important. 

The following are just a few other inclusions within an SDS to take note of. 

  • Information On Ingredients
  • First Aid Measures
  • Handling And Storage
  • Exposure Controls/Personal Protection
  • Toxicological Information
  • Ecological Information
  • Transport Information

An SDS is used to ensure that this information is on hand and easily accessible, with contamination processes and emergency numbers highlighted to ensure that any mishaps with chemicals in cleaning products can be taken care of. 

This is incredibly important for cleaning companies in particular as it helps to ensure that certain products and the chemicals within them are known. Not only is it important that you have it on hand in case of an emergency but it is also required by the Australian Government Department of Health. While an SDS/MSDS may seem complicated at first, these documents are broken up into different sections, ensuring that emergency measures are easy to reach and that product ingredients can be checked quickly. 

When using hazardous chemicals, it is so important to know what the ingredient make-up of the solution is, so having an SDS is vital. Hazardous chemicals can be extremely dangerous if contaminated or if they get on the skin, and having safety procedures and information on what to do in case of an emergency is vital. Along with ingredients and safety measures, this document should also include a number that can be contacted 24 hours a day where questions can be answered about the product. These are just a few reasons why SDS comes in handy and why one needs to be developed for different products. It should never be forgotten that disinfectant and cleaning products are made with many different ingredients and chemicals, some of which can be harmful. TouchBio has taken many precautions when it comes to the chemicals that it puts in its products, using only the best of the best and taking precautions when it comes to combining certain elements. 

What Should Be Considered While Buying a Cleaning/Disinfecting Product?

Cleaning/Disinfecting products are designed to be used on certain materials and with certain cleaning tools and it is important to make considerations when purchasing cleaning, disinfecting or any chemical products. Businesses, in particular, have a responsibility to their clients to ensure that the products that they use are safe, and when an incident occurs that they know how to handle it with care. Having all the information on hand is extremely important and one of the most vital things to think of when purchasing cleaning products. The following are just a few things to be considered when purchasing cleaning products. 

  • The strength: Purchasing any cleaning product should be done with caution and knowledge about what you are buying. cleaning products should be strong but not dangerous, particularly if being used to clean homes. By being aware of the strength of the solution and how effectively it is designed to kill germs and bacteria, you can be sure that you are using the best products. 
  • Ingredients: The chemicals used within cleaning products can have a big impact on the furniture within your home. Certain materials are not designed to be used with strong detergents and it is important that cleaning products be considered depending on which surfaces they are going to clean or disinfect. Using chemicals and disinfectant products that are too strong or are not designed for use on certain materials can have disastrous consequences, leaving stains and decreasing the quality of the surfaces that they have coated. By being aware of which surfaces different products are designed for, users can avoid this happening
SDS and cleaning manuals: Certain products should be used on certain materials and in a certain way. To ensure that you are using them correctly, it is important to purchase these cleaning products and refer to the manuals or SDS provided

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