Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Antigen Rapid Test Device (Nasal Swab)

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Positive test result: 

If a test line (T) is visible together with a control line (C), this means that the result is positive.

Look carefully at the result: The test should be considered positive if two lines are visible - even if they are faint. A positive test result means it is very likely that you have COVID‑19. Refer to your state or territory health department information for guidance on confirmation testing, where necessary, and if unwell seek medical assistance.

Negative test result:

If a control line (C) is visible (regardless of how faint it is) and a test line (T) is not visible, this means that the result is negative.

It is unlikely that you have COVID‑19. However, even if your test is negative, continue to observe all hygiene and safety measures. If you suspect that you have an infection (i.e., if you have prolonged symptoms or if your symptoms are worsening), contact your doctor/primary care physician. You may have another infection, or your test result may be false. You may repeat the test after 1 ‑ 3 days, as COVID‑19 cannot be detected with complete accuracy during all stages of an infection. 

Invalid test result:

If a control line (C) is not visible, the result must be considered invalid.

The test is not working correctly and you should perform another test using a different test kit. You may have performed the test incorrectly. Carefully read the Instructions for Use and repeat the test. If your test result is still invalid, please contact Touch Biotechnology  on the provided contact number or email for assistance.