What is the Importance of Using Disinfectant Dispensers in Indoor Spaces?

What is the Importance of Using a Sanitiser Dispenser Indoors?

Have you ever wondered why in colder months the flu and other illnesses are more prominent? One of the main reasons for this spike is because when indoors and in close quarters with others, germs are more easily spread from person to person meaning it is more likely that we will spread infections that we or others may have much more easily than when in outdoor spaces. Sanitiser dispensers offer an easy way for indoor spaces to become safer and more hygienic as the more people who sanitise their hands, the less chance there is of germs, bacteria and disease spreading through a space. 

If you are asking yourself “what are sanitiser dispensers” and how they can be helpful, it is important to consider how germs are spread through an area. High touch areas and surfaces are a breeding ground for germs, and when a person who is sick touches their mouth and then touches a surface, they are contaminating this area. If another person had to go and touch this same area, they would be carrying the germs and potentially infecting themselves and those around them. When sanitiser dispensers are placed through a space and people have easy access to sanitiser solutions, the rate at which diseases, germs and bacteria are spread is greatly reduced. It is important to consider the placement of these dispensers, as having them in indoor spaces where surfaces are touched often can help reduce the spread of harmful pathogens!

What Should We Pay Attention to When Using a Sanitiser Dispenser in Public?

Sanitiser dispensers are great to use in public spaces and they offer people in shopping centres, hospitals, workspaces and any indoor commercial area a way to ensure that they are safe and are also keeping those around them safe. When it comes to how to use sanitiser dispensers, it is important to think about what they are ultimately used for, which is the sanitising of people's hands in spaces where they may be touching the same surfaces as others. It is important to place sanitiser dispensers in areas that have high touch points, meaning that many different people may be touching the same surfaces and spreading germs and bacteria that they may be carrying around on their hands. This transfer is how diseases are often spread and why if one person is sick in an indoor space, it puts everyone within his/her vicinity at risk of contracting the illness. It is therefore extremely important to pay attention to where dispensers are located within an indoor space. 

Another thing to consider is the solution that is placed within the dispenser itself. The strength of the solution will determine the effectiveness of the dispenser and whether or not germs and bacteria get spread around an indoor space. The strength of the solution will depend on the ingredients within it, so be sure that the solution has the best ingredients to combat and fight against the germs it will come into contact with. If you have a touch dispenser, where the person using it will need to touch the actual device to release the solution, it is also important that it be cleaned regularly, particularly the main touchpoint! 

Which Indoor Spaces Should Have a Sanitiser Dispenser?

When it comes to knowing when a sanitiser dispenser should be used, it is important to consider the different touchpoints and the number of people within an indoor space. If there are a lot of people passing through an area, all touching similar products, like in a shopping centre or in a workspace, it is important that sanitiser dispensers are placed at high-risk points, so that if a germ, bacteria or virus is passed along through touching an object or surface, it can be immediately removed with sanitiser. These high-risk areas are the most important places to have sanitiser dispensers located and they can greatly reduce the spread of diseases and viruses in places that would otherwise become hot spots!

One of the most important places to have sanitiser dispensers located is in hospitals. Hospitals see many different people within a confined space, many of them being sick. To avoid the spreading of a virus or bacteria within a hospital, having sanitiser dispensers located throughout the space will ensure that visitors, patients and doctors themselves are able to regularly sanitise their hands. 

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