Case Study: Solo Services Group provides increased safety and protection, to create germ-free environment for clients during pandemic

The pandemic has, in some way, affected every business in Australia. With the government continually updating regulations to minimise the spread of the virus, businesses have been left scrambling to do their best to protect their staff and customers alike.

Increased cleaning, social distancing and lockdown restrictions required businesses to come up with novel solutions to unprecedented challenges. Solo Services Group (Solo), provider of cleaning and facilities management, was one such business. Solo considered these regulations the bare minimum required in order to provide adequate protection to keep their staff and clients safe. Being a part of the cleaning industry, Solo knew they were on the frontline when it came to protecting the community. Therefore, it became a priority for the business to reevaluate and replace products for ones that would be effective and provide the necessary protection against COVID-19.

The Challenges

  • Finding a product that was scientifically proven to be effective against COVID-19.
  • Finding a product that provided longevity to enable more effective disinfection and protection.
  • Product and supplier shortages in the market.
  • Using multiple products for disinfection and cleaning resulting in a complex infection control process.

Solo’s staff had undertaken COVID-19 Infection Control Training, however regardless of their competency, it would be redundant if the products being used were not reliable and effective.

Looking after facilities such as schools, transport and government buildings, Solo’s clients had multiple high-traffic touch points. Schools, for example, have multiple children using the same desk throughout the course of their day. Sanitising these desks once overnight wouldn’t provide the necessary cleanliness and protection to students. However, continuous cleaning of student desks would be arduous due to class schedules and student engagement during school hours. This would inevitably affect operations and efficiency for both Solo and their clients.

Although there were numerous products available on the market, none could provide test results to substantiate the claims they were making. It was important for Solo to ensure the product chosen was scientifically tested and proven.

General Manager Greg Palmer confirmed there was a shortage of suppliers on the market, coupled with price hikes due to high demand. There was an option to import from offshore, however Greg was driven to find a local, Australian-based supplier.

The Solution – 30 Surface Guard

  • Scientifically proven to kill COVID-19 virus. Over 400 Australian and international laboratory tests to substantiate the product’s claims.

“Touch Australia provided me with efficacy and test results showing that 30-Surface Guard actually did what it claimed to do. The product has undergone more testing than any other supplier in the market” Greg commented. 30-Surface Guard has also been listed and reviewed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (ARTG ID 355166) as a hospital-grade disinfectant effective against COVID-19 within 3 minutes.

  • 30 days of residual protection

“When we found Touch 30-Surface Guard we were most impressed with the 30-days of residual protection” Greg stated. 30-Surface Guard has been developed using a unique antimicrobial technology. Once sprayed, 30-Surface Guard kills pathogens and germs on contact, and creates an antimicrobial layer which provides residual protection on surfaces for up to 30 days. Essentially, any germs and pathogens that come into contact with the surface thereafter are also killed or inactivated.

  • Eliminating logistical concerns.

“Choosing 30-Surface Guard provided a two-fold benefit. We were promoting the economy by supporting an Australian-owned and manufactured business, and it eliminated any potential logistic issues.” Touch Australia, manufacturer of hand and surface sanitiser, is headquartered in Sydney with manufacturing carried out in Melbourne. Therefore, Solo could avoid delays caused by logistics and maintain a steady supply level.

  • 3-in-1 benefit

30-Surface Guard’s 3-in-1 benefits made it a cost-effective product Solo. The product is a disinfectant, cleaner and protectant. It created a safe and germ-free environment for both Solo and its clients, whilst simultaneously allowing for cost-savings. Instead of using different cleaning and disinfectant products, multiple times a day, with 30-Surface Guard it was once daily. Solo was not required to increase the frequency of disinfecting significantly unlike other businesses.

Greg concluded “At the end of the day our clients had peace of mind, knowing they were being protected by a well tested and proven product. And I had peace of mind knowing we were using the best available product on the market to ensure our clients were given only the best service”. 

Why Touch Australia

Touch 30-Surface Guard is comparably Australia’s most tested and reliable surface sanitiser. With over 400 successful tests and ARTG certification, 30-Surface Guard is proven to be effective and a unique product providing up to 30 days of residual protection.

Touch also offers 24-Hand Guard. An alcohol-free, non-toxic, dermatologically tested hand sanitiser which provides up to 24 hours of protection with a single application.

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